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1. use Daily for a single-day, one-time event
2. use Duration for any multi-day events (like a weekend)
3. use Periodic for recurring events (bike nites, monthly meeting or rides, etc.)

This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

How to Advertise

If you would like to Advertise in Wide Open, call us at 660-221-2298. Contact us if you would like a rate sheet emailed to you. Wide Open is a full color, glossy magazine and is set up with a Mac using Quark Xpress and Photoshop. Our art department can set up your ad for you or you can set it up yourself using the quidelines below:

Acceptable file formats:
1. Quark Xpress - Any font and graphics files used in your ad must be included with the Quark file. Graphics must be a minimum of 300 dpi and should be either a tiff or eps file format.

2. Photoshop - (PSD) Any fonts should be included or the text should be rasterized before sending.

3. PDF - Be sure document allows for bleed if it is to be a bleed ad. Any graphics should be cmyk with a minimum of 300 dpi before converting to a pdf.

4. Eps, jpg, tiff - Any of these formats are acceptable as long as the resolution is at least 300 dpi at 100% of ad size.

If we are to set up your ad, you will need to provide a good, clean logo (if you have one) and any pictures and text you would like to use. A PDf proof will be emailed to you or a hard copy faxed as long as you provide an email address or fax number.

Files can be compressed either using Zip or Stuffit and can be emailed to us.

Any questions or problems, please call 660-221-2298.

Ad Sizes

Live Area

Trim Size

Bleed Size
Full page

7.75 X 10

8.25 X 10.75

1/2 page vertical

3.75 X 10
1/2 page horizontal

7.75 X 4.875
1/4 page vertical

3.75 X 4.875
1/4 page horizontal

7.75 X 2.25
1/8 page

3.75 X 2.25
1/16 page

3.75 X 1.0625

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