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This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

Here's a Sampling of the
Summer Issue's Features:

St. Joe H-D
Classic Rock and Chrome Rally
45th Anniversary Celebration

Each and every year June 21st is the official first day of summer. For this year, the day was, in fact, so much more. For the last several years the McCreary clan has been holding their Classic Rock and Chrome Rally, and I have attended them all. This event is always a great way to spend a summer day, but this year's edition brought with it a pretty impressive milestone. St. Joe Harley-Davidson is enjoying and celebrating its 45th year in business. . . . Page 6

27th Annual Donnie Smith Car & Bike Show
The 27th running of the Donnie Smith Car and Bike show, held on March 29 & 30 in St. Paul, MN at St. Paul RiverCenter, offered something for everyone. On the main floor, there were over 200 bikes displayed, everything from classic Harley JDs to the latest Baggers and full customs. Positioned along the edges of the main floor were the vendors. At the entrance stood the huge Dennis Kirk display, and along side that sat a huge array of shiny new Indians in black and red. Smaller booths from companies like House of Kolor and TJ Designs lined both sides of the main floor from front to back. Set right in the middle stood Donnie Smith, man of the hour, shaking hands and signing posters and T-shirts. ..Page 10

Shawnee Cycle Home Opener
Baseball was the theme. "We are going to knock it out of the park for you," they stated on their flier. Immediately the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" starts running through your head.. . .12

Scott's Vision
It's just a black Victory. But then a glint of red (not just red, but 'Corvette Red') catches your eye. Yes, the front brake calipers have been removed, totally disassembled, powder coated 'Corvette Red', reassembled, and reinstalled. And then you notice more red accents—red MSD high performance ignition coils, red plug wires, red primary cover bolts, red drive belt cover bolts, red cam cover bolts, and various red LED lights. .Page 18

Cannonball Run III

Lonnie Isam Jr. of Sturgis, South Dakota has successfully pulled off two Motorcycle Cannonball Runs in 2010 and 2012 and now Lonnie is ready to make history again in 2014 with 115 entries from 32 states, 11 countries, 3 continents and Japan. This is truly another worldwide event. After several days of registration and friendly " Well, how ya been's" the third coast to coast Motorcyle Cannonball Run will leave Daytona Beach, Florida Friday, Sept. 5, 2014 and head for Tacoma Washington on their pre 1937 machines, 67 Harley-Davidsons, 19 Indians, 16 Hendersons, 6 BMW's, 2 Moto Guzzis, 2 Moto Freras, 1 Rudge, 1 BSA Sloper and 1 Brough Superior. Have you ever seen a 1923 Neracar or even heard of a Sokol 1000 or a Sunbeam M9?. . . Page 22

Indian Motorcycle
2014 Indian Motorcycle Line-up

Indian Motorcycle Kansas City is now open at 800 N. Rogers Road in Olathe, Kansas. Now you don't have to travel to Iowa, Nebraska, or Oklahoma to get the new Indian motorcycle of your choice. There is an Indian motorcycle dealership accessible right in your own back yard (or front yard, depending on which way your house faces). Indian Motorcycle Kansas City moved into the building formerly occupied by Van Wall John Deere Equipment. It is on the east side of I-35, between 119th Street and Santa Fe, and just a block south of Croft Trailer.. .Page 24

8th Annual Gailapalooza at Gail's Harley-Davidson
The vernal equinox might have happened sometime in March, but riders on the Midwest Coast barely noticed. The official change of seasons did not bring warmer weather, nor did it bring relief from pent-up frustrations that continued to grow with every day that the cold hung on. Winter had long outstayed its welcome, and indoor bike shows and last year's rally photos had become more tease than satisfaction. Everyone with a parked motorcycle had the same affliction—they needed the sun, a ride, and a party. . .Page 26

Arizona Bike Week
One thing about having fun is you just can't tell when you're having too much of it!! Usually party lights in the rear view mirror or ducking from flying beer bottles are about the only signs that get your attention. . .Page 30

Matt Anderson,
A Star Pupil
After scouring the internet, Matt finally found the bike that would be perfect for his build. He found a motorcycle that had recently caught on fire and burned to the ground at The Party Palace in Butte, Montana, along with seven other motorcycles. The bike was a 2008 Screamin' Eagle Road King with 303 miles. Matt jumped at the opportunity for this bike as its 110" engine made it an excellent platform for all of his custom plans. The 110" engine was the only real selling point for the bike as the fire had destroyed just about every other part of the bike.. . Page 36

Burnout Betty
"Burnout Betty" stared life as a boring XL883 Sportster. As soon as I got the bike home 3yrs ago, parts started coming off of it. Turn signals, and the speedometer were the first to go! It wasn't long after that I realized the black paint scheme just wasn't going to work any longer, along with the lack of hp. Tank and fenders came off and the pistons grew into 1200cc pistons. The black paint turned into a beige primer with a little pin striping and the wheels turned red. . . Page 40

St. Joe H-D
Swap Meet

April 26th was earmarked as the day St. Joe Harley-Davidson kicked of their 2014 riding season event schedule with a double header event. The day was set to begin with a repeat of last year's wildly popular FREE (as in no fee to sellers for space and no fee to attendees to shop) Swap Meet which was paired with the first 2014 edition of their wildly popular Smokin' Saturday Tunes. That's right, a full day was planned to provide folks with a little something for everybody. Smokin' Saturdays Tunes features plenty of good music along with food and beverages in a totally family-friendly environment.. . Page 44

?DeWayne Spiess' 2013 Road Glide
If you are a guy that has just had a one-off land missile of a 1969 Camaro, what do you do for an encore? Well if you are DeWayne Spiess you head out and procure yourself a 2013 Harley-Davidson Road Glide. If you've already read the feature on DeWayne's Camaro you know there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell the bagger was going to remain in stock form for long. . . Page 48

DeWayne Spiess' 1969 Camaro
Our cover this issue is graced by two rides that share an owner as well as their body color. One feature just wasn't going to cut it for these two machines. I'll cover the car first and then will check out the scooter.. . . Page 51

Gail's Harley–Davidson
Customization Contest

I did a little research and was fairly amazed with my results. The word "custom" means different things to different people. I've heard the debate a thousand times, "Replace one part on a car or bike and it's a custom," or "Unless you build it yourself, it's not custom." Well, actually both sides can be correct. The dictionary defines customize as "modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task." Pay particular attention to the word "individual." By definition, "custom" is in the eye of the individual who has the work done to suit them. . . Page 56

Brian Moody's
2012 Street Glide

Not every custom bike goes from stock form to finished custom in one step. Take Brian Moody's Street Glide for instance. The bagger was purchased new off the showroom floor at St. Joe Harley-Davidson. The crew at the SJHD Custom Shop already had their fingers on the bike before it was offered for sale. The bike underwent a few of the basic modifications that most new owners were asking for, allowing the new owner to avoid a trip back for this work. Sounds like a bit of intelligent forethought to me. The engine had received the Screamin' Eagle Stage 1 treatment along with upgrades in the air cleaner and exhaust department. The stock front tire/wheel combo had given way to 21" rolling stock along with a fender to fit the new combo's radius. . . Page 62

Slim's Road Glide .
It's amazing to me how folks' tastes change as they mature. The choices of our youth may stay with us, but as time passes we often adjust what is important to us. Slim, the owner of this fine looking Road Glide you see before you, has gone through the progressions just like many of us. Another rider with over 30 years riding experience under his belt not to mention countless miles, Slim began riding motorcycles at the age of 14. Through the years the machines he rode became larger and faster as the years passed. . .Page 70

Plus a whole lot more...




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