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Here's a Sampling of the
Fall Issue's Features:

76th Black Hills Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis, South Dakota, August 8-14, 2016

It doesn’t matter how many times you make the trek to the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally, you’ll never see it all. Just checking out the city of Sturgis itself is a weeklong adventure. With 700+ venders crammed from one end of town to the other, it’s one crazy week of bike shows, stunt shows and lots of good adult entertainment. . . Page 5

7th Annual Baddest Bagger in Sturgis Competition
With a big sigh of relief the 2016 Baddest Bagger Competition got off to another banner year, with 75+ bikes sitting on brand new asphalt front and center at the new Full Throttle Saloon (located in the Pappy Hoel Campgrounds and Resort). The weather was great, the bikes were hot with all the new colors shining brighter than spot lights on a 10 point buck. The crowd of spectators just kept getting bigger and bigger. By mid-day their motorcycles were being crammed anywhere and everywhere. If there was ever any doubt about it, custom baggers are here to stay. . .Page 15

Hawg Halters, ?Start with the Best, Build the Best
Hawg Halters Inc. is one class act that has been designing and building custom motorcycle parts since 1999 in Dahlonega, Georgia. They are industry leaders in Big Wheel Conversions kits with their latest offering, a neck rake builder’s kit for the 2007 and later Softail models. The kit comes with FL style short neck triple trees. HHI has designed an assortment of weld-on neck rake sections. They have taken the guess work out of the proper rake and fork tube extensions. . .18

Outlaw Country Music Honky Tonk Heroes
The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Outlaw country music are the likes of Willie, Waylon and all the songwriters that have flipped the bird to the suit and ties in Nashville. Their attitude lives on in the old Honky Tonks all across America. Bending them strings and singing their own songs is the way of life these musicians have chosen. . .Page 20

Randy and Suzanne Ride To Alaska—The Long and Scenic Way
Key West, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska is a mere 4,996 miles (one way), according to Google Maps. Doable in only 79 hours, or four and a half 18-hour days in the saddle. Or one Iron Butt Rally, 11 Days 11,000 Miles, round trip, including another 1,000 miles to get back to KC.. . Page 22

Massive Biker Turnout for
9/11 Memorial Ride from Gail’s

It’s one of the biggest, baddest biker events of the year. It’s the one where we all come together, and not just Harley riders. It’s the one where we all remember who we are and where we come from and what we mean to each other. And I can’t think of anyone better than Gail of Gail’s Harely-Davidson to host the annual 9/11 Memorial Ride in memory of our fallen. . . .Page 27

Indian Motorcycle KC 2017 Indian Demos
“Discover why riders who want quality, American-made machines ride Indian Motorcycles here at Indian Motorcycle Kansas City on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st. Come ride all the 2017 models including the Roadmaster with the ALL NEW Ride Command,” was the invitation issued by General Manager Craig Keating of Indian Motorcycle Kansas City. Definitely an invitation not to be overlooked. Two hundred fifty area riders took Craig up on his invitation...Page 32

KCMO PD Officer Jacob Barlow Takes Top Gun at Gail’s Police Bike Rodeo
There are times when doing one’s job is not just a duty, it’s a real joy. This goes not only for Wide Open writers covering yet another one of Gail’s spectacular events but goes double for the participants and spectators in the annual Heartland Police Motorcycle Association’s Motorcycle Challenge at Gail’s Harley-Davidson. . . .Page 34

15 Weeks of Summer
What’s it all about, our two-wheeling world of stock and custom bikes, of veteran riders who are flinty and chiseled from stone and our lady riders who bring grace and beauty and courage to our biker universe here on the Midwest Coast? Is it the best garage build, your favorite custom shop or most popular event, of which there are many ranging from Mike Bergen’s Night Train Ride which gives to needy children to the Fallen Heroes Ride which honors our vets. Is summer over now that it’s autumn, is it time to pull the spark plugs and hook up the battery tender and garage the bike until springtime?. . .40

Black Magic Woman
The year is 1971 and Frank Pedersen, a bright-eyed 15-year-old from Norway with a love for custom motorcycles, drops the needle on the album he just bought from the local music store. He lies back on his bed and lets the exotic Latin beats, the howling Hammond B3 organ and the psychedelic guitar riffs flow through him. . . .44


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