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Summer Issue's Features:

The Full Throttle Saloon—Sturgis, South Dakota
Grand Opening August 5-14, 2016

The Full Throttle Saloon is moving to their new 600 acre home, the Pappy Hoel Campgrounds and Resort, named after the Sturgis motorcycle rally’s founder, Pappy Hoel of course. Fifty-five of the up front and center acres are the new Full Throttle Saloon. Don’t miss out on the Aug. 2016 Grand Opening!!. . . Page 5

Jeremy Johnson's Mello Yello
I like this bike. In nature and as is often the case with motorcycles there’s a beauty in clean simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, I love the over-the-top stuff as much as anyone: choppers with so much rake in the forks they’re almost horizontal, elaborate and highly detailed paint schemes depicting everything from the end of the world to your grandmother’s kidney operation, exhaust pipes that spit flames and killer bees and killer flaming bees when you hit the throttle. All that stuff is fun, but what we’re really after is something self-expressive, something that reflects who we are by what we ride. . .Page 8

Getting Ready for Sturgis 2016
Yeah it’s almost time for the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The biggest biker bash of the year and friend this is going to be one crazy year for Sturgis rallies. The tourists are already swarming around town. June 23-26 Sturgis will host the 6th Annual Sturgis Camero Rally and then on July 1-2 the 4th Annual Sturgis Supermoto race. This is an AMA sanctioned event which takes place on the famous Main Street of Sturgis. Then August 1st starts the pre-rally followed by the official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Aug. 8-14.. . .12

Kevin Atkins 2013 Road Glide
When you think of Nebraska, some beautiful colors jump right into your mind. Anyone who has traveled in the state knows that endless miles of the greenest prairie grass line the highways. You also know that the bluest skies anywhere are found overhead your journey. Now a couple more brilliant colors can be found on the highways as you pass through the Cornhusker State. The stunning Candy Apple Red with some very classic graphics on Kevin Atkins’ 2013 Road Glide may be seen racing past you on your travels. Open your eyes quick or it may be gone in the wind. . .Page 16

Gail's Fat Boy & Ray's '57 Ford
The relationship between a Dad and his daughter is priceless. And when you’re both powerhouses in the Harley world… well, it goes without saying their love for badass metal is unmatched. . . Page 22

Calling All Bikers
Gear up and join bikers from around the country for one of the baddest rides of the year! On September 16th, the Westside Rally of the 10th annual Lake of the Ozarks BikeFest will be roaring out of Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri (5900 E. 150 Highway) for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend of Ozarkian motorcycular awesomeness.. . .Page 43

Captain Ron is Lord of the Lake at Bike Fest 2016
So you’re easing on down the road on your hawg with your fellow travelers for the long-awaited Lake Bike Fest 2016, heading out of Kansas City with the September sun at your back and the wind in your hair, your favorite hottie keeping the tail down on your iron horse. Meandering lazily through the rolling Ozark hills along 7 Highway you pass through Warsaw, enjoying the sites and the changing leaves of autumn, knowing that life only gets better as the weekend of September 15-18 gets under way and untold thousands of bikers descend like a Harley heavenly host upon Bagnell Dam and other awesome venues....Page 47

Bike Fest 2016 Destination: Picklehead's Roadhouse
In this wide, wild world you have all kinds of bars: biker bars, sports bars, monkey bars and not enough bars on your cell phone. But this isn’t just a bar, Picklehead’s Roadhouse is a one-of-a-kind event center party-universe extravaganza! No less than four (count them, four!) bars on four different levels are to be found in this nexus of kickassity, along with one massive center stage that has hosted the likes of .38 Special, Dustin Lynch and Brett Michaels. And this fall you are not going to want to miss this ultimate destination for the 2016 Lake of the Ozarks BikeFest. . . .Page 50

2016 Spring Night Train
How the hell do you write a story like this? How do you capture the heart and soul of a couple of down-to-earth bikers who cooked up an idea almost 20 years ago that has touched the lives of untold thousands of children across the Midwest? They’ll probably whip my ass just for printing their names because they never make the legendary Night Train Run about themselves but always about the children, but I’m going to do it anyway: Michael and Christine Bergen with a host of volunteers and generous sponsors have pulled off another incredible Run and their tireless efforts continue to make the world a better place. ...55


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