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This calendar is also being published in each issue of Wide Open.

Here's a Sampling of the
Spring Issue's Features:

2014 Wide Open
Motorcycle Show
Kansas City

A change of scenery will do you good." We
have all heard that phrase at one time or another.
Well I've got to tell you, one of the best examples
I saw of this saying proven out was our 2014 bike
show. By now you are no doubt aware we held this
year's version of the greatest show on two wheels
at the KCI Expo Center... . . . Page 6

1st Place Best of Show Chris Rapp's 2010 Road Glide
Our 1st place Best of Show Winner is
named "Hung 10," but it could just as
easily be called Black Beauty. I and many
others are of the mind you can never go wrong
with basic black for a scooter. Chris Rapp's 2010
Road Glide backs up our opinion completely. This
bike catches your eye and holds it with a flawless
black finish and clean flowing lines that are often
attempted but seldom attained. ..Page 22

2nd Place Best of Show
John Ames' "Hammered"

What happens when you get two guys together
that have been friends for almost a decade and
have had a couple of beers? You end up with a killer chopper and a second place best of show trophy.
After the first talks of building a bike and three
and a half years later That's exactly what John Ames
and Ernie Gonzales did, with Ernie's welding talent
and John's creativity the two were able to build a show winning bike that is very apparent of all the work
that was put into this chopper. . .26

3rd Place Best of Show
Frank Pedersen of Frankenstein Trikes

All kinds of bikes win bike shows.
Sometimes the bike was built from the
ground up, sometimes it started with a
basket case, sometimes a brand new
scooter was torn down and reborn hard.
In some cases the owner did all or some
of the work. On occasion the bike was
dropped off with a builder and the owner
was involved in the build process start to
finish. Other instances occur where the
bike and a large check are left with a
builder. .Page 32

Wide Open Fairings Tech Sheet
Take everything out of the box to make sure that
you have everything you will need. To Pre-fit the
fairing, use 6 black 8 x 3/4" screws (included for
later use to attach the access panel and optional
splashguard cover support) to attach the fairing to
the brackets . Use one on each side along with one
on the top and one on bottom.. . . Page 36

2014 Kansas City's Baddest Bagger
Edward C. Butler took home the much coveted
award for Kansas City's Baddest Bagger at our
show this year. The trucking company owner from
Tennessee brought a bike that turned every head
that passed it all weekend long. Edward received
the 2006 Street Glide as a Christmas present from
his wife (props to Edward's wife for being a very
good wife). Edward was, of course, pleased with
the bike, but in his own words, "the bike looked
like an old man bike.". .Page 38

Shawnee Cycle Plaza
"You can't buy from a nicer bunch of
guys!" I bought my first two motorcycles, a
1980 Honda CB400T Hawk and a 1982
Honda CB900F Super Sport 900, from the
'nice guys' at Shawnee Cycle Plaza. Four of the
'nice guys' have been with Shawnee Cycle
Plaza for more than 30 years; Barry Bunner,
owner/president, Mike Sarver, sales, Jerry
Nicholson, parts, Ken Gay, service, and Susan
Cummings, accounting. The entire staff has
more than 250 years of combined service at
Shawnee Cycle Plaza. Located at 13020
Shawnee Mission Parkway in Shawnee,
Kansas, they are obviously in the motorcycle
business for the long haul. . .Page 42

Dodge City 300 Centennial
The Dodge City 300 Centennial celebrates one of the
most significant and historic motorcycle events in America.
On July 4th, 1914 Dodge City hosted a major international
motorcycle race. The list of competitors reads
like a Who's Who of motorcycling including such riders
as Erwin "Cannonball" Baker, Floyd Clymer, "Red"
Parkhurst and many, many others. The race was sanctioned
by the precursor to the American Motorcycle Association
with the local Dodge City community pitching
in to make the event the largest of its day drawing teams
and riders from everywhere. In fact, the race is known
throughout the worlds motorcycling community as it
served to kick off for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle
racing division, a group that came to dominate motorcycle
racing for many years to come.. . .Page 45

David Maddox's
2013 Road Glide
David Maddox's story starts out just like the
story of many other custom bike owners out there.
David headed down to his favorite Motor Company
store, this being St. Joe Harley-Davidson,
where a shiny new 2013 Road Glide caught his
eye. David procured said machine and rode it. It
wasn't long until the malady that affects us all
kicked in. Yes folks, David had contracted HCS
that's right, Harley Customization Syndrome. In his
search for a cure and armed with a few ideas, he
checked out a couple of dealers other than St. Joe
Harley-Davidson trying to spread the financial love
around a bit.. . Page 48

Gail's H-D All-American Invitational Motorcycle Show
Just in case you don't remember, 2014 started
out with below average temperatures, like, below
freezing for more than two weeks straight, and
about of foot of snow on the ground. Valentine's
Day weekend, the cold weather strangle-hold on
Kansas City was broken briefly just in time for the
54th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels
and Gail's Harley-Davidson All-American Invitational
Motorcycle Show at Bartle Hall. The above
freezing temperatures made it almost pleasant to
break your bike out of cold storage and ride it
down to Bartle. Naturally, Valentine's Day weekend
is the perfect weekend to take your significant
other to a motorcycle show.. . Page 56

Lonnie Griffin's
2011 Road Glide
Reputation is important in all aspects of life.
Somehow though, reputation seems to be a little
more important in the motorcycling community.
Reputations can be good or bad and carry with
them all the positive or negative things that go
along with them. You may have noticed the incomplete
version of this fine lookin' Road Glide at
our bike show near the Hard Core Customs area.
Now you get to see the finished product and hear
the story behind the scooter.. . Page 64

2011 H-D Street Glide
For many of us, motorcycles
are our passion, and rightfully so. Our motorcycles are
an escape from many of life's challenges and they
provide us with the feeling of real freedom as we
scoot down roads both new and old alike. Our
motorcycles are also a chance to express ourselves
and our personalities. From wheels to paint
and every detail in between, the custom bikes we
build can be the pinnacle of self-expression. . . . Page 68

In Memory of Radar Love
I'm sure many of you have already heard the
sad news. However, for those of you who have
not, it is with a very heavy heart that I tell you about
my very dear friend and parts guru at Bad Seed
Motorcycle Company. Brent Estep aka "Radar
Love" passed on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014.
He was 46 years old. . . Page 80

Michael Stanfield
August 15, 1946 – March 7, 2014

Michael Stanfield, owner of Freedom Cycles,
Warrensburg Cycle and Freedom Rally Racing pass ed away Friday, March 7th, 2014. As a beloved husband, brother, father and grandfather, Michael will always be remembered for his hard work, generosity and tenacity.
He has impacted the Kansas City riding community
with his genuine passion for the powersport s industry
since openi ng his first dealers h ip in 1976 . . Page 82

Santa Fe Trail Winter Antique
Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

A fabulous bike show took place February 2 at
the Douglas County Fairgrounds building in
Lawrence, Kansas. The weather was cold but attendance
was good and the great bikes in the
show gave the crowd some fine machines to look
at. This year's theme was "race bikes " or "competition"
and the pristine bikes and their stories
came. . . Page 84

Bike Nites . . .Page 88

Plus a whole lot more...




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