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Summer 2017 Features:

Getting Ready for Sturgis: Part II
If you missed last year’s summer issue of Wide Open Magazine and didn’t get to check out all the new happenings that were going on at the 2016 Sturgis Rally, well now’s the time to start planning this year’s adventure. First things first, go find a copy of Maverick Publishing’s ‘Official Sturgis Rally Magazine’. Dave Withrow, publisher and local Spearfish area native has put together the most essential Rally Guide that you can get your hands on. . . . Page 8

Lon Luckert’s 2006 HD Road Glide
In the Fall of 2015, Financial Advisor Lon Luckert was having a pretty normal day, he was out doing his routine stops assisting company employees with their business retirement plans. This particular day he walked into a Brookfield, MO car dealership and everything changed. . . . Page 22

Jeff Polock’s Orange Peeler
Jeff “Polock” Zielinski has been riding since he was 9 years old. At an age when most mothers are doing whatever they can to keep their kids off of motorcycles, Jeff’s mom bought him his first mini-bike. And, if that’s not unusual enough, for Jeff it was a business expense: he put it right to work on his paper route. It was also the beginning of a long career of customization: the first thing he did was take the newspaper baskets off his bicycle and mount them on the minibike. . . . Page 30

Terry Wilson's Lily
When Terry Wilson bought his 2013 Road Glide in November of 2014, he primarily bought it to ride. He already had a beautiful custom bike, a 2000 special construction Harley project that he bought from a buddy and had customized by Turkey Creek Customs as a companion piece to his 1972 Chevy Pickup. But, after riding the new Road Glide for a season, he says it was “too tough to keep his hands off it”, so it too went to Turkey Creek to get the full custom treatment. . . . Page 44

The First Lady of Fink
Oh man did we have a hoot! I can’t remember the last time that I laughed so hard. Well that’s a lie. I can. It is, however, the best time in a long time that I have had hanging out with some car freak, pin- stripe luvin’, kustom kulture heads. Not just anyone either, none other than the first lady of Fink herself, Ilene “Trixie” Roth, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s widow. What a wonderful and fantastic lady with a simply splendid outlook on things. . . . Page 48

The Big Wheels Keep on Rolling
In the heart of California’s central valley, nestled between San Francisco and Fresno is a quiet little town called Turlock. It sits about 20 miles off the busy interstate and since 1991 has been home of Ali Afzal’s custom car and truck wheel company, Ghosia Inc. Ali has made quite a name for himself as an innovative custom wire wheel builder. He was one of the first to manufacture the 20’’ wire wheel for the Low Rider automotive industry. . . . Page 50

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